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I am a member of the Class of 2018 at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg Virginia. This blog will serve as a tool I will be required to use in a freshman seminar class called The History of Genocides, however I hope to expand this blog from just a means to achieve participation credit, and have it become a site where I can share my love of history to everyone!

Growing up and attending school in Virginia my love for history began when I found out I had an interest in the American Civil War. This interest since then has taken off and I have discovered about many amazing periods, places, and people that tease my curiosity. My main focus of study is European history, particularly the19th Century. That being said I also find other countries history during this period to be equally as remarkable. For example 19th Century South, and North America.

I hope that this blog opens some peoples eyes and allows them to gain an appreciation for history like I have. I will not only be sharing facts pertaining to various historical topics but I will also be sharing my opinions and theories, anyone is welcome to voice their own opinions and theories as well, I always think the best way to learn history is to discuss it and be open to new ideas!!

Enjoy the site!!

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