Secondary Source for the Irish Brigade research paper

Having been tasked to find some secondary sources for the research paper (and literature review) I went to a source which I actually purchased from the Battle of Gettysburg visitor center this summer. The book is “God help the Irish” The History of the Irish Brigade, by Phillip Thomas Tucker, which provides a brief and general overview of the Irish Brigades involvement in the war. It is a good start to what I believe is necessary background on the Irish Brigade and their history in the battles they fought, in particular the Battles of Fredericksburg and Gettysburg, which I will mostly for finding sources from.

The main question I have decided to look into is in members of the Irish Brigade, of all ranks thought their deployment into harsh conditions of major battles and the denial of replenishment was due to their ethnic/religious background. Using secondary sources such as this will give me the necessary knowledge of the political and ethnic situation of New York (where most of the men comprising the brigade came from) and the United States as a whole.


Citation: Tucker, Phillip Thomas. “God Help The Irish!” The History of the Irish Brigade. Abilene, TX: McWhiney Foundation Press, 2007.

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